About Becca Rose Tarot

Rebecca regales and enlightens clients at the same time. A writer and empath, she has a way with words and a gift for connecting with people from all walks of life.

She's been reading for individuals and couples since 2011.

She's great at parties and special events because she always has a way of keeping things light... even when the cards reveal shadows. Compassion, empathy, and humor work wonders!

My reading at the Arizona Renaissance Festival was eerily on-point at the time, and it’s only continued to unfurl in its significance since then. Becca has an amazing talent. I appreciate the perspective she was able to provide at a critical turning point in my life.
— Steph R.
I had my first Tarot reading from Becca, and she told me many things about details going on in my life that she would have no idea about. I feel reassured and reaffirmed that I’m on the right path, and know how to stay on it. I highly recommend Becca, not only for her gift, but for the gentle, yet specific delivery in how she guides you through what she sees, so you can discover the truth on your own. Thank you, Becca!
— Michael B.